My drive has bad sectors and doesn't show up as device when i try to boot

hi there,

i have WD Caviar green 1TB (i’m using it for storage it’s not running an os)  and here’s my problem:

a few days ago my pc worked really slow… and a few minutes later it crashed onto a blue screen. so i checked the ram and it was ok. i checked the video card and it was ok… then i scanned my drive for bad sectors and it found like 320 bad sectors. then i formatted the drive and fixed the bad sectors. it lasted a few days morte until one day i was using my computer and bam! my disc dissapeared from de devices list and started to make some noise…
now when i have this disc connected the pc won’t start and won’t show up in the devices list on the bios menu.

the thing is that this happened to me earlier with the same model and the WD warranty replaced it for a new one…but i don’t want to have to replace my drive every year…

just in case my specs are:

Core 2 Duuo E7500 de 2.93GHz
4Gb ram DDR2
Motherboard Asus P5QPL-AM
1 Tb Western Digital caviar green.
Ati radeon HD 4670 con 1 Gb GDDR2

what can i do? what could be the problem?

Thank you for reading. and thanks in advance if you leave an answer.

The Drive reported bad sectors to begin with so it seems that drive failed completely.

you can try to run DLG for DOS and see if able to test and fix errors

you will need to replace the drive if not able to test and fix

hey ty for the answer… i’ll try that.
if i try to fix the sectors or the problems that a program might fix…doen’t that interfere with my warranty service?

ty again