My Drive admin console rejecting Java in all browsers on Mac

I am at home on my macbook pro trying to administer my Western Digital MyBookLife home network drive, using the Java based admin console. (I just switched from Optimum to Verizon, and the drive is now rejecting me, so I assume something in the admin has changed)

However, since I upgraded to Java 8, the Mac is preventing me from loading the page (a Java applet), which is on my network at

I opened the Java console from Mac preferences and added []( to my trusted network site list, however it is still rejecting me.

The message says

Application Blocked by Java Security
Name: WDTester
Reason: Your security settings have blocked an untrusted application from running.

When I click past that I get another prompt that says again “Application Blocked by Java Security” but this time it says

Reason: Your security settings have blocked an application signed with an expired or not-yet-valid certificate from running

I see in the Java Control Panel the exception site list does indeed contain my host, as specified above (I also added the same with https protocol, and I also added localhost just to be sure.) But for some reason, it is ignoring the exceptions and failing to load.

I tried this on Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, all with the exact same failed result.

What to do??

hello there,

Try to make sure the time and date on your computer also on your date and time are setup correctly on the computer and just in case on the My Book live as well, sometimes this error come up when the time and date are not set correctly.

If you see this is correctly setup on the computer and if you get this error from more than one computer i would suggest contacting support:

Hmm, I left it overnight and came back and the admin console just started working.

The My Cloud remote app still was not working, so I uninstalled and reinstalled it and now that is working too.

So we are in good shape!