My DL4100 is going Wild and has a mind of its own

I Have a big problem with my DL4100 that also has PleX installed,So my problem started a few days ago after i linked my DL4100 to my PC through Plex to watch movie and tv shows

My DL4100 start making noise and works too hard on its own without me using PC or Using Plex , all 4 drives are working at the same time making noise and thier HDD light blinking ,since i configured it JBOD its kinda strange.

The only reason i bought this was use it for Plex ,I use my PC as server i think and DL4100 as network storage.

as far as i know i have closed all remote and outside private network access to both my Plex and NAS

I am not very good at this stuff ,but i think Plex use DL4100 to read the media and send it to PC to be processed and then send the image to TV .

I could be wrong because i just bought it 2-3 day before linked it with plex so i don’t know how it usually behaves

some time it starts sending data to my PC and at full network capacity on it’s own ,without me using DL4100 or Using Plex to watch something stored on DL4100.
if i don’t turn it off it will continue to send 100s of Giga byte to some where or my PC , in fact at this time I can’t copy anything to the DL4100 because my home network bandwidth is full.

in Windows task manager ,Performance tab shows i am receiving huge amount of data.

I have LAN 1000 and wireless 600 and slow internet connection , in fact the amount of data send by DL4100 to god knows where is 100 times my internet contention bandwidth so i don’t think that some one stealing my Data or hacked me through internet.lets say i have 10mbs internet connection from my ISP but i am sending 500 mbs data through my private network

but it may be possible someone nearby hacked my WiFi however i couldn’t find any strange IP connected to my Wifi.

some one please for love of god solve this problem ,
at this point if you tell me My NAS DL4100 is is alive or possessed by a ghost i might believe you ( i have supernatural tv show stored in it so its possible)

I havent used Plex much but there is an option about synchronizing. Check that you dont synchronize the content between your devices. That may cause the trafic you see.

Also i discovered that in some NASes Plex media service keeps the NAS awake causing disk spinning. I dont know if it is affecting also WD products.

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All the disk activity is likely PLEX reading and writing it’s database. Also, PLEX is best hosted on the DL4100 via the PLEX app installed on to the DL4100. If you add PLEX app, you really ought to add the additional memory to your DL4100. Instructions for doing so can be found at the WD Support link below. It is only a $20 or so expense from Amazon and the 4100 and the 2100 models use different 4GB memory cards so be sure you select the right model.

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Hooray ,it seems that the problem have been solved and the culprit was in fact PLEX .

So NO exorcism for my DL4100 is needed and no more staying half awake with one eye open looking at all those blinking lights all night long and waiting for alien invasion and possibly alien probe

I love it when with new year holidays and Christmas ,happy ending is all around

Thanks guys for your help