My device is pretty much unusable at this point

it was working fine for months, until about a week ago, now i have to reset the device everytime i want to watch another video, because if i pause it or go back to the menu after its done, its still playing in the background while its at the menu, and if i try to load another video or photo, or use a service, it just has the hourglass type thing keep going and going and you cant do anything about it.

ive tried downgrading firmware, resetting, videos are both local and on media server, never had this before.

very ticked off at the moment, i have 2 wdtv’s, and 2 wdtv live hubs, its only on the hubs.

The only thing you can do is an overall reset.

Reset via the bottom paperclip button. Press for a couple of seconds with the unit fully booted up and then relaese.

Reset to factory defaults via the internal menu.

Unplug from power for some minutes (not seconds)

Do all 3 one after the other.

ive done all that, and still keeps doing it, i have to restart the system everytime i want to watch another video, usally can only watch 1 video, then have to keep doing it, it only happened in the past week, i dont know why its doing it?

I would try a firmware roll back.  If your hub is set to auto install firmware updates, there were 2 in the last few weeks.  It could have been one of them started causing your issue.