My could (iOS app)

hi all,

i bought a new ex4 and we added to our home active directory domain, for one test user i created a new share and added it to the cloud. 

on ios device, downloaded my cloud and activated it.

interesting is that only the public share appear (can see files, download, etc) but the private folder does not appear.

is it a supported?

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The EX4 forum is here:

…but to answer your question, yes, if the user associated with the Cloud app has access to private shares, those shares should be listed in addition to the Public shares.

Make sure the share is set with permissions for the user account you set up with Cloud service.

The users on my EX4 were initially given rights by assigning them to a set of groups.  That worked fine when using the EX4 on the local network but none of the My Cloud apps would display anything but the Public folder.  When I removed a user from the groups and assigned individual rights to them the shares then also appeared in the My Cloud apps so it appears that the apps don’t work with EX4’s group security.  If you’re not using group-based security then it’s something else but I thought I’d mention what I experienced.

did some extra work and if i set the share to public, i see it on the device, however, if it is set as “private” (public off) and my Active Directory user has rights, it does not show up…

any ideas?