My computer is not assigning a drive letter to the WD6400H1U-00


I have a WD6400H1U-00 Mybook. I was using it on the same computer. Some how my computer didn’t work properly so I re installed windows XP. (C: not formatted) after that when I plug in My Book, computer is finding it but not giving a drive letter. It is coming up with some error messages like hardware couldn’t installed. Please let me know how can I solve this problem.

Thanks in advance.


Hi dude, you could try to force a drive letter to your drive like this:

Control panel> Switch to classic view> Administrative tools> Computer Management> Disk management> Find your drive> Right click it> Change drive letter or paths> Give new letter.

Hope it helps =)

Thanks. But  the drive is not in the Disk Management.


What exact error is the one that it gives you with the installation?