My Cluud EX2 Ultra - UPS 220 V certification

Buenos días, alguien sabe que productos APC (home) son compatibles para apagar un NAS EX2 Ultra vía USB cuando queda pocoa energía en la UPS? He estado buscando compatibilidad pero no he encontrado información. Gracias

Good morning, does anyone know what APC (home) products are compatible to turn off a NAS EX2 Ultra via USB when there is little power left in the UPS? I have been looking for compatibility but have not found any information. Thanks

Hi @mherrera-cl,

The My Cloud Ex2 Ultra designed to work with Ethernet cable and it needs power supply.
2 Volts
3.0 Amps
36 Watts
48 Watts for 16TB and above

I’m using a “generic” UPS with USB, it works, it shows battery percentage and engage the proper shutdown procedure when battery is running low.