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I am looking for a general answer because I am asking this for a friend. After he transfered his dvds to the ecternal harddrive using a dvd software as iso files when he goes to access them on his phone everything looks scrambled. Also is it possible to acces the drive away from hom on a laptop and burn them?

Thanks, I hope to hear back soon.

Not sure what you mean by ‘scrambled’, but I assume you want to stream the movies to your phone so you can watch them? If so, you need to rip the DVDs and convert to AVI/MKV/MP4/whatever as these are compressed video files. The ISO file will probably be several GBs.

You can access your shares away from home, but you would need to remotely copy the files to your laptop and then burn them. You couldn’t burn the file without copying to your laptop first

Thanks you, one more quick question…is it possible to hook the HD to his hdtv to watch the them on the tv?