My Cloud working very slow or not at all

The drive is hooked up to my router via ethernet cable, and the router to my computer via ethernet as well, and is functioning, but very very slowly. Sometimes it just freezes during transfer. I have a current router with 4 gigabit ports, and I’m using an iMac (27.5 mid 2011). Do you have any suggestion for troubleshooting its poor performance? Is it possible to connect it directly to my iMac and bypass the router for the initial transfer of data? To give you an idea of how slowly its running, I’m having to transfer audio from my computer 1 album at a time (5-15 songs), and that is taking up to 5min, or even freezing

I found the best way to initially transfer your data to the system is to turn off all media sharing options, do the transfer and you should be getting around 40-70mb/s and once its all done then re-enable the media player / itunes options and it will then create the database of your songs/films.

I found if you try and just throw loads of data onto it, it seems to try and build the database at the same time and starts to crawl along.

What are the colors of the LED’s on the back of your My Cloud. Is your router 802.11ac or 802.11n? How about your iMac ac or n or is it connected by cable to your router?


Led on the back is green, front is blue. The router is 802.11n, and is connected to my iMac via ethernet cable.

Thanks for the tip…unfortunately when I drag files to it, especially audio files, it just says “preparing to copy” and can remain that way for 15min at times even when moving as little as one album.

If your iMac is running El Capitan there are problems with that version of OS X and the My Cloud. If you have another computer available try transferring files to the My Cloud and see if the problem persists. You may also want to read through the following thread link if you haven’t done so already.

Thread discussing some of the El Capitan issues.