My Cloud won't standby


I have 2 WD My Cloud 3Tb, both running the last firmware (v04.05.00-315), and both does not standby, spinning the all day and night. I doubled checked the option, and it’s enaled.

I can’t remember when they stopped to standby, and today i’d like to investigate and understand why, and how I can solve the problem.

I have 2 ideas : a device (TV, or Raspberry Pi or anything else) is trying to connect to the storage, and I don’t know how to identify witch one, or it’s a problem on both My Cloud, and I don’t know what/where to search.

Can someone help me ? Any help (links, log files to look in, …) would be very appreciated.

And a subsidiary question : how long should it take before a My Cloud goes to standby ?



Read the Firmware 4.05.00-315 discussion. It talks about the problem with samba and how to correct
the sleep issue.

In addition to rac8006’s suggestion to read the Firmware 4.05.00-315 discussion thread, also use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to search for the many past discussions on the sleep issue with the My Cloud units. There is MUCH discussion on various methods to try in order to get the unit to sleep for more than 20 or 30 minutes along with discussion on the various causes for the constant wake ups.

Generally the My Cloud (v4.x units at least) are set to go to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity. Problem is certain services on the My Cloud trigger disk activity every few minutes to every 20 or 30 minutes keeping the My Cloud awake. Making matters worse is local computers/devices on the network may also “tickle” the My Cloud keeping it awake even though no files/data is being accessed on the My Cloud. For example in my case bringing a Windows 10 PC out of sleep/hibernation often causes the My Cloud to wake up.

I managed to “fix” the same problem I was having on my 3TB My Cloud. I noticed the problem began when I put some Canon RAW (CR2) photos into on of my syncing folders, I removed them and the problem stopped and My Cloud went into standby, put them back again and the problem resumed.
Not sure why, I know the My Cloud can’t create thumbnails of RAW files, perhaps this has something to do with it.
I’m a bit peeved as the main purpose of purchasing the MyCloud was to back up my photo files.

Since the cr2 raw files are about three times the size of jpg files. It may be that the system is spending a lot of time searching for thumbnails. Try to create a second share folder to put the cr2 files. If that fails use ssh to create a folder outside of the /shares. Put your cr2 files in that folder.
Not sure if you will have to first put into Public then move or if you can just put into the new share.
You shld be able to find a method to put your cr2 files on the MY Cloud out of the way of the photo scanner.

Other threads on Raw image files have discovered that the thumbnailer essentially hangs on raw files, using CPU. Thus, it can’t sleep, because the thumbnail process is still running.

There should be a way to put the files in a folder that the scanner does not see.

There should be, but I don’t know of one…

I don’t have a cr2 file to test with. But I would try to create a folder in the DataVolume. That is separate from the /shares folder. The problem with this is that you probably won’t be able to see the files without playing games with the folder name or maybe having to use ssh.

PS Maybe the simple solution is to not run the wdPhotomergerd process.