My Cloud with latest update

Hi everyone.

I hopeing to your support.I recently bought this item but i used it on first first day and was fine,next day it installed latest firmware (update) and then started.Nothing works and as its mentioned here wd have many technical problems and dont know when the service will be back again.

To make wd work I restored it,delete desktop apps,instaled again etc.and opened case to send it back to warranty service to get refund but cant because i can only swap the unit.But the worst thing that i did every time when unit was not working i unplugged it from power and many times.

The question is, is it harmful for device what i did?! I did it because i was thinking that device is faulty not wd service.

Thanks to everyone who answered. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can certainly damage your HD by turning the power off and on repeatedly.  I unfortunately did exactly the same thing to the HD in my DVR a while back when I wasn’t sure the power strip I was installing worked and I turned it off and on again multiple times waiting for the power strip LED to come on.  Click, click, click click…finally I realized the only thing that didn’t work was the LED on the power strip.  I had the DVR plugged in and was turning it on and off over and over again.  Too late. I trashed my HD.  (don’t tell DirecTV but I then replaced the drive in the DVR with a larger one and its working fine but the original HD had multiple SMART errors after the power strip nightmare). 

Hopefully you didn’t harm your MyCloud.  Have you tried a manual reset?

I tried manual reboot as well but also i tried to unplug it my self.Dont want to spend a money on shippping costs but thought maybe its better to get a new one.

And again its more WD fault because i didn’t know about they server issue’s. :frowning: