My Cloud Windows Credentials Issue Definite Solution

I was struggling to connect my family members to their respective users’ folders on My Cloud NAS, unable to log them on, and receiving the Windows error message “Multiple connections to a server or shared resource by the same user are not allowed.”.

I searched high and low, and finally found the solution, thanks to this post from @Etupes :

It’s simple, straightforward, and works. Here are the instructions:

From a command line, type “net use * /delete”, this will disconnect any mounted share.

In the User account and family safety control panel, go to the windows credentials manager and delete any stored credential for your NAS.

Reboot the computer.

Upon startup, access a private share on the NAS (not the public one, or you will be set with the guest credentials on the NAS for that Windows session). Map the share as a network drive and choose to reconnect at login.

Hope this helps those in need. Thanks @Etupes !!

A reboot sometimes (depends on the computer’s set-up) when it reboots some process may touch the NAS and logging it in as guest.