My cloud website ports

i want to know which ports my cloud website use, i can connect to my cloud with my cellphone network, but cannot with school network

It’s probably not ports – it’s probably URLs that are blocked.

My MC at home uses the defaults of 80 & 443, but still the website is blocked from my corporate network because it’s in the “blacklist” we subscribe to.

i can access the website, but the my cloud is offline, i suggest the website just provide a bridge to connect nas

Not sure what you are wanting to do but from the school network have you tried

Have you read the User Manual for the WD My Cloud?

yes I can open the page , but it shows my cloud is offline,

I have the same from my company network, both my drives are visible on but both say offline. I have asked around and apparently the company network blocks the required port connection. When i need to transfer a PDF etc to my mycloud at home i drop off the wired connection and use the company wifi which doesn’t appear to block the same ports as its setup for customer use.

Rather annoying but the company are not going to change the hard wired connection for security issues so at least the wifi works.

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This is a list of ports used by the mycloud drive taken from a network scanner. Not sure which are blocked by my company network or what they all do but would assume 80 and 443 would be the obvious culprit!!

80 and 443 are the standard HTTP and HTTPS ports. If you can browse to both unsecure and secure URLs from your school, those ports aren’t blocked.

111 and 2049 are both related to NFS.
139 and 445 are both related to Samba (SMB).
548 is Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)