My Cloud Web Interface! Please ditch JAVA!


Please Please !!! Stop using JAVA web app!!! 

The Purpose of a web interface is to easily assess your files from a computer “outside” your network. So it could be your friends computer or some other machine which MIGHT NOT Most propabily have the latest version of java installed.

If you want to be the big guy in this space please invest some recources on UX / UI in developing a cool interface which is written in HTML / CSS and use the “preferable” plugin to upload files called “Adobe Flash”. 

Please take Dropbox and google drive as your benchmark and ask the your Java guy to update himself with some in the trend web technologies. 

I see a lot of potential but please do it right! User Experience plays a LOT in being popular.

I brought the MY Book Live but have stopped using it because the application has issues on windows 7 (Support never got back to me, so that’s poor too!)

And it’s not quit usable by my dad and mom. So switched back to OwnCloud!!!


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Totally agree. I’ve given up trying to access My Cloud when away from home, simply because having to jump through the Java hoops is too much hassle. I just use Google Drive more often than not, because it’s easy to use, and pain free.

I don’t feel that the My Cloud was worth the purchase.