My Cloud WDBCTL0030HWT 3TB

I’ve the My Cloud WDBCTL0030HWT 3TB installed at my parents home. I use it as storage for the ipcamera . So every time there is some movement the camera takes 8 photos and stores them to the nas. Now in the beginning i had no problems at all and i could remotely see al the photos that are stored. ( with the wd app , with es file explorer on my phone and with an other ftp program on the iPad) . But the problem occurres when there are a lot of photos stored on the nas. I can open and see all the folders , except for the folder camera. It stays on loading all the time. I already gave the nas a full reset for the second time now. And every time in the beginning after the reset everything works great , but after a few weeks it’s the same problem. I have also a nas not from wd installed in my home and the setup is the same and i never have some problems with it.

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Do you have media server turned on? It might be that the drive is slow due to trying to render all the images the cameras take. How does the IP cameras connect to the NAS?