My Cloud & WD TV Live Hub

Hi Hoping someone may be able to help. My setup at the moment is a networked My Book Live with a WD TV Live Hub connected to my network so that I can stream files from my NAS to the TV Live Hub. I use the MY Cloud app via my iPad & iPhone. I recently moved some files across from the My Book Live to the TV Live Hub to free up some space on my NAS. What i didn’t think of at the time of doing so, would be the fact that once I move the files across, they will no longer be available to view from the My Cloud app (I used to download video files via the app to my iPad to watch when I couldn’t get near the TV Live Hub). Is there a way of making the TV Live Hub visible within the My Cloud app so files in the Hub are visible? I tried to manually add a device via the app and using the code I obtained from adding a mobile device from the TV Live Hub but keep getting an error (can’t remember exactly what it says). Does anyone know another way of making the TV Live Hub visible and able to access files? Appreciate any help here! Thanks Steve

Yes, there is, but it requires a bit of a “Hack.”

You can mount the Hub’s disk via Samba from the WD My Cloud into a folder that’s visible from the app.

It’s not that difficult – you can search the web for instructions on how to do a Samba mount from Linux.


Having a quick look on Google it appears I can do what you’ve suggested in OSX, is it case of mounting the folder that contains just my media or mounting the whole drive?

What steps would I have to take to enable the My Cloud app to find the Live Hub?

Thanks for your help!!

It’s not going to find the Live Hub.   The Live Hub would just appear as a folder in your other NAS.