My Cloud-WD live media player

Im looking to buy a cloud hard drive, but i wanted to know if i would be able to access it through my media player from my wireless network?

yes if your media player uses DLNA, twonky. Apple TV will require a pc or mac to load up itunes to share movies.

I have a Sony Media Player SMP-N200 and mine works fine with the My Cloud. I haven’t had any problems.

I bought a 4tb WDMYCloud to use with my wdtvlive because I couldn’t get network shares to work with my computer.

As you would hope the two devices work well together and it took only seconds to get them up and running.

I’ve got a wired connection and unfortunately the connection drops very occaisonally. I’m pretty sure its the mycloud which is the problem.

I am not exactly sure what you mean when you say you want to access your My Cloud ‘through’ your media player but if you want to serve video to your WDTVLive from a My Cloud then sure, you can readily do that.  I have two MyClouds and I can use either one to serve video to my WDTVLive or my WDTVLiveHub.   I connect to My Clouds via NFS shares and how you want to connect your clouds or your WDTVLive to your network is up to you.  WiFi as always is iffy.  I use powerline Ethernet adapters to my WDTV media players for a more reliable connection.  Good luck!