My Cloud User Accounts and Remote Access

I’m loving this device and everything it has to offer, specially remote access via apps, ftp, browser etc etc. however I have noticed that the user account creation is a mess and VERY confusing.

1-) Why having separate username/pass for the local account and the ? that’s weird and confuses people with average knowelge of computers, too many steps to get an account up and running, WD should make this a simple straight foward process, local and account should be the same, based on email addresses, or better yet, get rid of the man in between and allow direct remote access to accounts by making the Dashboard accessible from the internet, giving users specific access based on their account types etc.

2-) Regarding browser access with the current setup a user first must have an account created by the administrator of the MyCloud device, then they themselves have to create their own account with WD, then once they are in they are presented with a new AUTHENTICATION screen which doesn’t explain anything and simply asks them to enter a password, with no explanation of “What password that is they must enter”  my friend thought he was supposed to enter the password he had created at the WD site lol untill I told him that it was the password I created for him on the device instead, again too confusing of a process!

3-) Java is a mess, with all the certificate warnings that pop up etc I think they should have picked something else other than Java for this.

Those are my main complaints about the way account creation and access is handled, other than that the only thing I’m not happy with is the fact that there’s no remote access to the Dashboard, I wish they would make this possible, also a way to see whose connected to the device at any given time would also be nice.

I have to give kudos to WD for the apps though, they are ALL (with the expception of the Windows Phone App which **bleep**) very well made.

100% right.


Java is, and based on global feedback, just one update from the next security/malware catastrophe. WD have likely used it because they either have some startegic alignment (£££) with Oracle, or it’s just easier for them. Who knows or cares.

It’s a shame WD have done this as, for many, java is too high a security risk and therefore it will stop them bothering with WD Cloud hardware.

At the moment I now just view the drive as a novelty and to stream some junk to the phone. As a backup device or serious ‘Cloud’ alternative it’s got a long way to go so I will keep eyes peeled on the general market as there will be some clever people out there who will exploit WDs shortsightedness.

At present I simply do not use WDMyCoud - and won’t till Java is no longer part of the equation. Limits the product (of course) but the risks of usuing Java far, far outweigh them.

Logins are okay-ish. Wow, but even as an experienced user, the passwords here and there are just messy and have not been thought out well in my opinion. The process flow can take lessongs from Apple. Keep it simple WD folks.

Overall the MyCloud is a nice gizmo, but will remain way down the list of must-have items till WD sort out things. I am glad I didn’t bother to drop money on the MyCloud EX4 as there are likely similar isues there.