My cloud use HDD in my cloud ultra

Hello all
Quick question
I’m about to purchase my cloud extra
Can I remove the 4tb HDD from my cloud and use it in my cloud ultra


If you are talking about the My Cloud EX2 Ultra please note that the single bay My Cloud device and the My Cloud EX2 Ultra device are not the same. When adding a hard drive to a EX2 Ultra you will have to follow the directions/information in the EX2 Ultra User Manual (or WD Knowledgebase) to properly format/configure what ever hard drive you use in the EX2 Ultra. See the EX2 Ultra subforum for specific discussion on the EX2 Ultra series.

See the WD Support section for the EX2 Ultra to read the user manual for that device and to find additional information relates specifically to that device.

The internal hard drive of a single bay My Cloud is typically a SATA WD Red drive and can be used (once properly partitioned and formatted) as one would use any other SATA hard drive. Note that once you change/wipe the single bay WD My Cloud hard drive outside of the single bay My Cloud enclosure you can no longer use that drive within the single bay My Cloud enclosure. One would have to “unbrick” that drive to reuse it in a single bay My Cloud.

Thank you