My cloud upload issue : upload not started


My cloud version update to, my uploads always showed failed. But seems like it’s ONLY happened from my pc paste to my cloud, I can still able to move or remove any items from internal and drag items from my cloud to dekstop.
And, I discovered the same problem is facing by another Mac too… another Mac is the old version before version, there is no problems when using. But after update to latest version, same problem came out…
Anyone please let me know what’s wrong to my cloud T.T… Thanks.

  • My PC is Mac OS X, version 10.6.8.

Are you able to manually add files to your unit while on the same network (Not using the app)? Does re-installing the app change your unit’s upload behavior?


Thanks for the replied. My network is fine…actually Window PC add files is no problem, they can copy and paste file into my cloud as usual. Mac is the problem… even reinstalled the app several times but still the same…

I am having the same (or similar) problem when I try to upload. If I try to upload a whole folder using WD My Cloud on PC, it just seems to freeze. If I upload one file at a time it opens the upload window normally but says ‘Problems Found’ and under the file name it says ‘Upload not started’. If I click the refresh button beside the file it seems to do nothing.

Any ideas?

I am having the exact same problem. How can I change back to an earlier version of the software? Should have never updated I guess. Please advise on how to fix this.

As this is an old thread, maybe it’s solved already. In case not; I had the same problem using the app on Mac with OS 10.6.8. The following worked easily; don’t use the app. look along the menu bar on the mac desktop and chose ‘Go’ ; Network; then click on your my cloud drive. I found I could manage the folders and drag and drop files with no problem from there. Got this from the WD learning page here ;
Very nearly a brilliant product IMO but frustrating at times esp due to apparent lack of a search facility; or am I missing something?
Cheers. P