My Cloud updates

I have tried to update my desktop app… It only takes me to help (see photos)

I try to log in it takes me back to old home page.

I installed the update… Still when I click on deaktop app… back to HELP


@coachmo Is this what you are trying to update? See image below. I am not aware of any updates to this.

My Cloud Desktop app. Use link below for more information.

Please note that WD Sync and the WD Desktop program are two different programs that perform two different things.

The WD Desktop program has been End of Life since March of 2016 and does not work with some current firmware releases for the single bay My Cloud units. The WD Support Knowledge Base article posted by a previous user explains why the Desktop software no longer works.

WD Sync is a problematic program at times with lots of complaints in this subforum about it. First troubleshooting step with WD Sync is to remove the software using the Windows App control panel. Then reinstall the software and see if the issue continues.

If you do not need remote syncing to a off network remote My Cloud then do what others have done, Uninstall WD Sync and use a third party sync program like Free File Sync ( or Microsoft SyncToy (

Thanks! I was able to install update!

Now I’m have problems logging in via CHROME.
It says it not secure.

Logging into what with Chrome? The My Cloud Dashboard? The web portal?

Try using HTTP rather than HTTPS if you are trying to access the My Cloud Dashboard.

I am able to access the dashboard!

Now how to access the NAS via a LAPTOP.

One typically uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder to access the My Cloud on the local network, just like always.

If you haven’t done so you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( explains how to use the device including how to access it on the local network and how to access it from a remote location.

It also helps to “map” a Share to the computer for easy access when on the same local network as the My Cloud.

I can see it on my network and access the files. I can also access on my ipad and iphone!

Now I can’t access the dashboard for encrypt… I have tired not using S in http but it takes to me to same page I showed about…


How are you trying to access the My Cloud. One way is to type the ip address of the My Cloud in the address bar of firefox.

The My Cloud Dashboard is typically accessed using one of the following addresses in a web browser while connected to the same local network as the My Cloud:

* Windows: http://wdmycloud/
* Mac OSX: http://wdmycloud.local/

One can also use the local network IP address of the My My Cloud to access the My Cloud Dashboard.