My Cloud two different size drives, can I still create RAID 1 Volumes

I have two 2TB drives, mirrored using RAID 1. one drive is failing. Can I replace it witha larger drive and rebuild the RAID 1 volume set?

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What My Cloud model do you have? The single bay My Cloud models, the general subject of this subforum, do not support more than one internal hard drive. See the specific subforum for your My Cloud model at the following link:

I have a my Cloud 4TB with 2 2TB drives.

Do you have a My Cloud Mirror? Or do you have one of the other multi bay models? The single bay My Cloud units, general subject of this subforum, only have one single internal hard drive. The single bay unit looks like this:

There is no way, through the single bay My Cloud Dashboard, to set the RAID level of the single hard drive within the unit. Nor can one combine external USB hard drives attached to a single bay My Cloud to create a RAID array from external USB hard drives.

If you have a multi bay My Cloud unit, check the My Cloud User Manual for your specific unit. It may have more information on how to setup new hard drives.

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