My Cloud to be renamed My Fog!

I don’t want to be one of those angry guys complaining, but when you feel disappointed you should do something about it. 

I have used few cloud providers Sugarsync, Syncplicity, JustCloud and on all of them I choose a local folder (I can be anywhere in the world) and from then the cloud client does everything for me and I can just work and the content will be available on other devices automatically with full 2 ways syncing(when someone does a change - its everywhere in an instance). When I bought My cloud I thought it can do the same. It doesn’t even support all the functionality of the Dropbox (if lets call the common Cloud type). After all reading and struggling I found the device able to do only:

  • Making share (appearing as a separate network drive) and what you move to that share (while connected to the home network) that will be put on the cloud. Then when you are on remote location you use the My Cloud manager and you can access those share. Updating the share - drag and drop. You took a hundred photos in different folders and you need to drag and drop them all ???

  • Backing up  (only on the home network) - using the WD smartware you can back up whatever folder you want. Well, while Im on the home network I can think of a lot of simpler solution to do that myself without the My Cloud. 

I see you guys how gentle reply and ask to put disclaimers when someone here gives some crazy solutions that will make the Cloud function as many people expect. I suggest you take those post under consideration and expand the functionality of that. If something can’t be done with device, at least make it open for other more complex solutions. Instead of asking only for disclaimers, verify and complete the instructions so other people reading can be sure what are they doing. After all its your product we talking about. Its like educating a child. You either allow or forbid. Everything in between leaves the child in confusion. 

So to conclude - Mycloud its something like Cloud but not exactly, its more like Fog around your neighborhood. 


We appreciate your feedback about the My Cloud. I recommend you post your ideas in the “Ideas Section”. This section is monitored by the developers and they can easily pickup any ideas that have enough votes in order to be implemented.

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