My Cloud TimeMachineBackup drive open at startup

I just got a 4tb My Cloud drive and the first backup of 1.1tb went well and reasonably quick. All seems ok accessing the drive out of my network etc but my question is how, (with Time Machine set to do automatic backups) does it do the automatic backups. It won’t seem to do a backup unless I manually open the Time Machine share drive and have the blue drive with the 3 men on it mounted. I thought it might behave like my previously always connected My book firewire drive that I plan to retire…


I don’t use a Mac. Have you check on the apple support forums to see if they have an article about it?

See if this helps.
There’s an option on the left side to set the backup automatic.

Thanks, actually I realised last night that it does work, as in the Time Machine backup starts even thought the share doesn’t appear to be mounted on the desktop. I think it must take a few minutes or whatever for it to find it properly and I was attempting to backup too soon after my computer started up.