My cloud suddenly very slow

I’ve been using the 4tb my cloud for a couple of months now with now problems. Yesterday it suddenly started buffering files during playback (just a mapped drive on my pc playing via Kodi). Transfers are also very very slow. I pulled the plug a couple of times last night and it started working again, but today it’s back to crawling. I’ve rebooted several times with now luck. Any suggestions on how I can find out what’s wrong?

Has your My Cloud updated the firmware yesterday?

It upgraded, but not yesterday. Got the newest firmware back near the beggining of Feb.

Has there been a USB drive added?
Was the My Cloud doing a backup?
FTP or any cloud access?
Have you switched your computer OS?

Basically was there any activity out of the normal happening?

Do not keep rebooting … let the My Cloud settle down a bit. If that doesn’t work then maybe a “System Restore” might help.

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