My Cloud stuck in boot process


I have the 4 TB model of the MyCloud, running with a Windows 7 machine.

It has been 3 hours since I booted the MyCloud, and the LED is flashing white on the front. Now, I read in another topic that this means the drive is doing a file check. Does this process take longer if you have a lot of files or space taken up on the drive?

I currently have about 1.4 TB used on drive, leaving 2.6 TB free.

It could be doing a file check, yes. Make sure also it is connected to the router properly (green leds on the back).

I checked before I left the house, it was connected correctly.

I’ve been remoting into my machine checking, and it’s still in the same state, 8 hours later.

I did shut down the device once last week, and turned it on the next morning and it took about 10 minutes to boot up, but I did not have much on the drive at that time. Now, with 1.4 TB on it, it hasn’t fully booted. 

What version FW?

approximate quantity of various media files? especially pictures

do you have ssh enabled? if so can you get in that way?

Firmware: 4.00.01 -623

I would say there’s less than 600 .mp4 files on there.

Unfortunately, I did not enable SSH since i’ve purchased the drive.

Just an update:

It looks like the network port wasn’t giving connection, as the LED lights in the back would come on and off. So, removing the ethernet cable and replacing it has worked, and this issue is resolved.

Thanks for the support, everyone.