My cloud streaming over the internet

When I’m using My Cloud on local network, I just mount the folder as a drive and just open videofiles in Total commander with a simple enter key (or double click). Potplayer automatically opens and plays it instantly (streaming).

When I’m at work I do the same but with login, the Java mounts the drive, and I can use it from Total Commander. But in this case, when I try to open a media file, PotPlayer opens it, and I see that my network traffic is downloading the film instantly, but PotPlayer does not want to stream it. In fact when the download process done, Potplayer opens it and play it from temp folder automatically.

Is there any way to make it work, to play videos without downloading outside of the home network? Android application is streaming the videos nice and easy, but why can’t windows do the same? Maybe PotPlayers fault? Any working alternatives to give a try?

edit.: newest VLC media player does the same, opens video file download first, then play.

I take it you’re using windows? If so, that’s the bizarre way in which Microsoft implements WebDAV, which is the protocol the remote sharing access uses via the WD 2go website.

And is there a way to go around this? Because it is driving me nuts. And yes W7 X64.

Nope, not that I know of.  Microsoft has lots of weird hooks into WebDAV to make sure their SharePoint and IIS products work the way they want.