My Cloud Software

I have a home network and a my book storage device installed on it.  Up until a couple of months ago when my Laptop died, I had My Cloud installed on the laptop so that I could access the storage device when I am out of town.  However, When Dell repaired my laptop they installed a new harddrive and a new motherboard and all of the software that I had installed was lost.  I still have MY Cloud installed on my cell phone, but the thought of downloading the files onto my cell phone to transfer to my laptop is a little scarey because of the size of the files that I need.

I am currently out of town and I really need some of the files stored on the My Book Drive.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

You can access your files by going to 

You can also google wd my cloud setup and reinstall the My Cloud desktop client, …

unless I am missing something, your pb is easy to solve.

you could download the WD My Cloud Desktop app from: