My Cloud software continually looks for an Ethernet connection

Can someone help, this is probably a very simple matter but its had me stumped for nearly a week now to get my new My Cloud set up.
I started as advised on the leaflet in the box, by copying a load if files (photos) from laptop (W10) to device using an Ethernet cable. Ever since then although I can see the Dashboard view I have been unable to actually access the device via my home WiFi or map it on my network. It continually tries to connect via the now removed ethernet cable. Worse, every time I turn on my browser, every 15 seconds it posts a WD message that the link is not working which makes doing anything else with the laptop almost impossible!
There also seem to be 2 WD desktop applications, WD (App?) and WD Access. Having tried both I think they are now conflicting in some way as I keep getting frozen screens.
Life was so simple before I started with My Cloud!!

@ddclutch Look at the following information and read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud so you will know how it works.

My WD Mycloud didn’t come with a user manual, just a single instruction sheet. I followed the setup instruction but all it did was enable me to set up my WD account and password. There was no setup download offered. If I now retype the same setup URL it changes and takes me to a WD advert page for their new products.
But thanks for your link - it looks much more promising!

I followed the user Manual instruction and downloaded and installed WD Sync. I logged on and it found my My Cloud device, showing the correct free space on it. It then started with “confguringing device” whilst showing the little rotating clock symbol. This continued for 6 mnutes and it then stopped wih an eror message “Remote server not found”. I suspect this is the same issue I first asked about. I think it is looking for an ethernet connection, not my WiFi network, but I don’t know how to correct that.

I am still struggling with me new MyCloud device. It is connected, I have set up an account and I can access the Dashboard. But no where can I actuly access my files stored on it! The device is visible as a Network device on Windows Exploerer (W10) but expanding this doesn’t show content, it just goes to the Dashboard log on screen. How do I access files and photos on the MyCloud device, from my laptop when both are connected on my WiFi LAN?

OK, I am progressing. Now sometimes when I log on using the same screen, user name and password, it shows the dashboard, and sometimes it shows the file content. Apparently randomly and I am not sure why!
When it shows the file headings (photos) sometimes I can drill down and see my original folders and in them, the actual photos. But it is very slow and doesn’t always display the folder contents. Oftentimes I get an error message “Internal Server Error 200006”. I doubt it is reliable enough to do much file sorting or management but if I do that on the source device (laptop) I can see that further backups are just going to preserve the old unsorted versions and add new duplicates.