My Cloud shares more than I expected?!


I have multiple folders created in my cloud, says:

Private Internal

through the mycloud dashboard, I have setup several accounts, say A, B, C. Public is expected to be accessible (read and wirte) for all users. Private internal is expected to be read-only for A, B, C. Then folder A is expected to be read/write by user A only.

Problem is…user A tried to share one of his internal folder ( A\apple) with a friend D, by sending the private sharing link (the one which requires the downloading user to have a mycloud account). When user D setup the mycloud account and login, we notice D can actually access not only A\apple, but also Public (read/write), and Private Internal (read/write).

this seems like a hug bug to me. May I ask if any of you experience the same issue? anyway to fix it?


As a recommendation, try creating a case with WD Support for direct assistance on this case.