My Cloud - Share Naming Standard

I just purchased my first 8TB WD My Cloud NAS replacing another brand that failed without warning after 23 months. My question pertains to the organization of video media accessed through the PLEX Media Server. Before I copy 3TB of video to My Cloud, I want to understand the structure. By default, the three My Cloud shares created include:

  • Shared Music
  • Shared Pictures
  • Shared Video

Under PLEX, my media was stored on my old NAS using the following directory structure:

  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Movies (includes DVD & Blu-ray)
  • TV Shows (includes DVD & Blu-ray)
  • Home Video
  • DVR Video
  • Surveillance Video

On My Cloud, do I create sub-folders under Shared Video as follows?

  • Shared Music
  • Shared Pictures
  • Shared Video
    — Shared Movies (includes DVD & Blu-ray)
    — Shared TV Shows (includes DVD & Blu-ray)
    — Shared Home Video
    — Shared DVR Video
    — Shared Surveillance Video
  • Shared Music
  • Shared Pictures
  • Shared Videos (or Movies) (includes DVD & Blu-ray)
  • Shared TV Shows (includes DVD & Blu-ray)
  • Shared Home Video
  • Shared DVR
  • Shared Surveillance Video


  1. How does My Cloud manage folders (shares)?
  2. How does My Cloud manage video?
  3. Where may I store Security footage from an IP camera?
  4. Where may I store DVR video?
  5. Can the folder names be changed? i.e. change “Shared Video” to “Movies”, “Shared Music” to “Music”

Many thanks!

You can create the Shares however you want. If you haven’t done so already you may want to read the My Cloud User Manual ( to fully understand the My Cloud features and options.

The My Cloud includes a media server called Twonky. The User Manual has some information, more information can be found in the unofficial Twonky FAQ thread:

Thanks Bennor. As far as PLEX, for each type of media (Pictures, movies, etc.), the name and location on the NAS is defined to PLEX, so the name and location of media make no difference. For My Cloud, I thought specific types of media had to be located under those specific share names. For example, “Shared Music” would have files stored with AAC, MP3, etc formats. Another example, Shared Video would have files stored with MVK, MP4, AVI, etc formats. I did read where a “Media Serving” switch can be set for a share for media to be streamed to other devices. Therefore, certain efficiencies could exist in storing and retrieving those types of media. If this isn’t true, then I have the answer I was looking for.

I’ll look into Twonky as well.

I am interested from others regarding the file structure they used on My Cloud NAS drives. Thanks again.

Both with Plex and with the My Cloud there is no set file structure for where files have to be located or what the folder/Share must be named. On the My Cloud the Public folder with the Shared Music, Shared Pictures, Shared Videos is there for Twonky aggregation purposes. One does not need to use these folders/Shares. One can use their own Shares and subfolders with their own labels/names.

With Plex one adds folders to each category (Music, Movies, etc) that Plex should scan and monitor to add content into the Plex library. The folder can be any name one desires, it is not required they be “movies” or “music”, etc. With the case of the My Cloud one simply adds the Share location to Plex and Plex will monitor that Share location on the My Cloud.