My Cloud setup

Hi guys,

Some newbie help needed to get my 2 Tb WD My Cloud set up and operational with Windows 10.

I followed the setup procedures entering my user and a password as required and downloaded the Smartware software version, this I believe being the latest version available.

Running this software displays the Home screen showing my computer at the top of a left hand panel below which is a small box containing the selected drive, and below this, a number of options, those being Documents, Mail, Movies, Music, Other and Pictures. Double clicking any of these has no effect, but right clicking then selecting OPEN brings up my complete file tree structure. Both the Backup and Retrieve tabs are greyed out, but Settings and Help are available. I cannot find a way of selecting a file or folder for backup – probbably due to the fact that Backup is greyed out and unavailable.

Browsing the net for instances of people with similar problems and following their suggested solutions, I did a simple reset and a 40 second reset, neither of which made any difference. I was also advised to get a copy of Smartware Pro, but I see this has now been discontinued and no longer available.

I also downloaded and installed the WD synch file, but double clicking this desktop icon produces no results – nothing happens at all.

Unfortunately, all the ports on my home router are already occupied, which stopped me connecting the My Cloud unit directly to the computer as per the setup instructions. I therefore had to insert a switch between the two, but hopefully should have no impact.

It looks like I’m almost there, but all assistance would be appreciated in getting this unit up and running so I have a reliable backup system.

I hope I’ve provided sufficient information in describing the problem.


Have you downloaded and read the Smartware User Manual?

Can you access the Dashboard (just to check that you can communicate with your MyCloud)?

Quite frankly, I don’t use any WD Software unless I really have to. So that means I use free, third-party tools to backup my various devices to the MyCloud. I don’t need remote sync, so I don’t need to use WD Sync. I find the third party tools more reliable, more intuitive to use, and more configurable to my needs.



I presume the dashboard is the screen showing details of Capacity, Device,Network Activity, Cloud Devices, Users and Apps. Although this screen has a title of My Cloud on the top, there is nothing to say it is Dashboard.

But to answer your question - yes I can access this.

Checking the Settings menu, I see that under Cloud Service the service is ON and the Connectiion Status is CONNECTED with port forwarding connection established.

I have also read the Smartware manual which states I should see backup device icons in the smartware home screen, but my screen shows nothing. So what do I have to do now ?


Are you trying to use Smartware to backup a local computer to a My Cloud on the same local network? Or use Smartware to backup to a My Cloud in a remote location? Smartware ONLY supports backing up to a My Cloud on the same local network as the computer. Remote backup to a remote My Cloud unit is not supported by Smartware. Because of this one does NOT need to worry about port forwarding, cloud access or anything related to remote access on the My Cloud.

If one can access the My Cloud on the local network using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder then one shouldn’t have a problem using Smartware or WD Sync to access that local My Cloud unit.

Troubleshooting steps if one can access the local My Cloud using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. Uninstall and reinstall the software. Ensure no security/firewall software is blocking the software from accessing the local network/My Cloud. Ensure the computer and My Cloud are both using the same workgroup name and have IP addresses in the same network range.

I know. It’s annoying that WD chose to call their device control interface UI ‘the Dashboard’, but they did. If you have read the User Manual, you should understand what the Dashboard looks like, and what it is used for. Judging by your description, it sounds like you have found the Dashboard. But just to be sure:

Bennor’s advice is, as usual, good.

Hi Bennor / cpt_paranoia

I’m simply trying to install the device to my computer and get started. I’m nowhere near thinking about remote locations.
As I explained on my original message, the device is connected to my router via a switch, so yes, I’m trying to establish a backup link from my computer to the My Cloud device on the same local network.

Windows file explorer does not show the device when connected, and additionally, connecting a USB cable between the device and the computer also shows no connection. Surely the computer should identify any device directly connected by USB ?

Following cpt_paranoia’s link, yes, I can access the Dashboard. It is reading the 2Tb of storage space I have- or just under.

This should be a simple setup installation and I can;t understand the difficulty = especially when no deice connection is shown on the file tree through the USB hook up.

I’m at a loss as to how to move forward.


No, because the MyCloud’s USB port is a host port, just like that on your computer. It is intended for adding USB HDDs to expand the drive or do backups.

The purpose of the USB port is explained in the user manual.

Have you seen this thread: