My Cloud. Setting up WD backup. Why does it only show Drop Box and not the WD?

Setting up WD backup. Why does it only ask me to select Drop Box and not the WD? The WD My Cloud doesn’t even show up.

Because your My Cloud is a local physical device with drives inside. It is NOT a virtual cloud apart from the My Cloud device. It is a “cloud” in the sense that you can access it locally and remotely. You need a separate hard drive to back up the My Cloud. Read the user manual found online at WD Support.

Thanks Mike. I am obviously confused. I thought I was setting up an automatic backup of my computer to my My Cloud device.

OK, that is different. You can set up your My Cloud device to backup your computer onto the My Cloud. Read through the My Cloud user guide to learn how. There also may be videos at the My Cloud Learning Center. Find both at WD Support or possibly within the My Cloud folders…

See the My Cloud Dashboard Help or the My Cloud User Manual (, or the My Cloud Learning Center ( and for more information on the My Cloud, its features and how to use them.

Uh, that’s basically what I told the guy! He obviously didn’t RTFM. I am busy, and so no effin links for him. Too many people use forums as a user manual! It gets old.

Mike, is anyone making you respond to people’s questions? If you are busy, there is no need for you to respond. Other people who want to help will do so. People go here when they have questions. That is what it is for. My Cloud is having issues - not showing up on my network and not responding to downloads. Yes, I’m reading the manual. I’m reading about technical problems and will handle it myself or call support. Thank you Bennor for the links, but the downloads don’t work since My Cloud isn’t showing up on network. I can’t even register it. I appreciate the help anyway.


I DID help you, I told you where to check, but I did not want to do all your “homework” for you as Bennor did by looking up the links. TOO MANY people want the forum members to do their homework for them.

PS, I hope you get your problem resolved.

Amie_Brauer, lets take a step back here. Can you even access the My Cloud using your web browser by going to http://wdmycloud, or can you use Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder and access the My Cloud on your local network?

If you cannot even access your My Cloud then that is the first thing you need to solve. If the LED on the front of the My Cloud is blue then you may need to access your router to see what IP address the router is handing out to the My Cloud (this assumes you haven’t configured the My Cloud for a static IP address). Use that IP address in your web browser to try and access the My Cloud Dashboard interface.

What is this “WD backup” you mention? Do you mean Smartware?