My Cloud security in event of theft?

Anyone know of the security on the My Cloud devices? Getting mixed messages about 128bit encryption, where that may only apply to files in transit. If the drive itself were ever stolen, is the drive encrypted? If not, what options exist where the data is safe (in event of theft), yet available to access remotely through iOS devices. (side note ~ mactinosh platform)

The data on the disk is not encrypted, and a knowledgeable usercould retrieve data from the device if it were stolen. You just need to reset the device to erase the user list and passwords…

On the other hand, the security provided for remote access is excellent.

Other products in the marketplace provide disk encryption features.

Thank you for the confirmation.

A bit conflicted at the moment. Content needs to be secure, remotely AND in the event of physical possession. Can keep data manually encrypted on the drive (lowers chance if stolen), but then the information would be practically useless from a mobile device. Can the entire drive be encrypted (maintaining all the functionality etc). What other products would do he same and the WD Cloud w/the drive level encryption?


Products from QNAP, Synology, etc. provide encryption for shares. When the NAS starts up, you have to mount the shares to be able to access them on the network, or remotely. These products are typically more expensive than the WD MyCloud, because they provide many features for home, soho, small business requirements.

I can encrypt files on the drive… but no way to decrypt (or mount) when needed… or is there? There HAS to be something that will secure the data if stolen…

Is there any chance the disk in the device is self encrypting, and can be locked with hdparm --security-set-pass?

The files aren’t secure at all. Simply removing the drive and connecting it to a Linux system will reveal all the shares and files within.

if you truly need theft protection then this may not be the device to use. you can manually encrypt certain files from the PC

If you want to greatly reduce the chance of it being stolen look for a location where it would be unlikely to be found which is what I do, my primay concern is not losing data. It is rare that you need physical access to the drive so it can be almost anywhere you can get power and Ethernet