My Cloud - RMA and 120 days guaranty?

Hi!. My Cloud drive failed with less than 1 year of service… .opened an RMA, replacing drive should be on the way, but WD just informed me that my new drive (already registered in my WD account by them) has a new guaranty of 120 days??? I even didn’t receive the drive yet, and they’re already registering the device, and bringing me a guaranty less than what I was having originally with my drive!?! Anybody suffered from the same wrong support from WD? It loks like WD it’s giving me a refurbish drive with those 120 days of guaranty! 



It sounds to me like you requested an ADV RMA. If so, then this is normal and expected. This is because the warranty of the replacement device has a default warranty that will be updated to the remaining warranty of the original device after WD receives the original unit. This is for security purposes.

For additional information please visit the following link related to the RMA warranty transfer process: