My Cloud remote drives seem to always be offline

Hi, i have this on going issue with WD my cloud drives. When i try logging onto them they always seem to be off line.

Despite talks and allowing access to my drives by a WD tec the problem does not go away.
Most times the drives are not local so i can not access the dash board to create a log (180 mile round trip) to do so
The tec had logs from my local drives and found that i setup as required with no issues, the remote drives are set up the same
There is no issue with intranet at each location. Both intranet are Unifi system which i can moniter remotely with no issues.
Both service providers are working fine with no issues.
If a person who has had a similar situation can shed some light on this please help as it is now beyond a joke.
The drives are advertised as “cloud” so the WD servers should be fine connecting to the drives but it seems no they do not
Further the OS3 app for android also has the same connecting issue

My feeling is that WD servers which are third party not WD are the issue
After they go down the auto reset does not recognise the access code of each drive to allow reconnection

Any help please many thanks


You could refer to the following links: