My Cloud - Red Light - Reset does not work

Hello All,

I have been trying resolve this issue.

Many people seemed to have solved this issue by resetting the cloud via the 4 or 40 second reset. This has not been successful for me.

My laptop does not recognize the cloud on the WIFI or when I plug it into my laptop.

If I just want to know if it is recoverable. I am ok if I need to start over and wipe the drive.

I need some suggestions on what to do or options to consider.

@drpsyfi Do you have a My Cloud Home? The below comes from the User Manual for a My Cloud Home.


hi @cat0w,

Yes Thanks. I have seen that unfortunately the solutions seem to point to resetting the device which does not work.

I am wondering if the device is just blown.

I can’t connect at the my cloud home site.