My cloud red led

hello I format the disk turns red I throw a NTFS format to what I do gegbekl a disc in my hand the inner I use this box on the burning to reset the LEDs did not send the warranty on my cloud drive broke urgent need that the Price found in my hand Another WD hard disk, Had I want as how insert it into the box, but that I received the constant red you need to install software ISE documents you share with me as urgent.

What My Cloud model do you have? The single bay My Cloud models generally DO NOT have an option to format the hard drive within the My Cloud Dashboard. What it does have is the option to wipe/erase the user data on the Hard Drive.

If you used SSH and formatted the hard drive single bay My Cloud then you will have to follow one of the unbricking guides that can be found using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right.

WDBCTL0030HWT-00 modeli cihazın içine farklı disk taktım kutunun ama kırmızı yanıyor hala arayüze ulaşamıyorum ağda göremiyorum diskin içi boş olduğu için nasıl halledebilirim bu sorunu yazılım olarak içine usb ile bağlayıp ne atmam gerekli

Did you remove the hard disk from the MyCloud enclosure?
Did you connect the removed hard disk to another computer and format it as NTFS?

Why did you do that?

The MyCloud isn’t a simple external hard disk drive; it is a NAS. It is a small linux computer with a hard disk drive it uses to provide a file server. Its hard disk drive is formatted with a number of partitions, using the ext3 and ext4 file systems. The operating system is stored on the hard disk.

If you have formatted the hard disk with NTFS, you have destroyed the original linux partitions, operating system and file system, so your mycloud is now a brick. You will have to re-creeate the original disk. As Bennor says, search for unbricking guides. Here’s one popular guide:

Is unbirck can set up virtual computer from accessing those disks? :frowning: please all, I’ve failed again, this procedure is very urgent, I salute a friend who can help me or if I Have a team Wieven and identity ammyy

Can you help me and I Remote Access?

I’m sorry. I don’t understand what your last two posts are asking.

‘Unbricking’ is the process of re-creating the original, correct disk contents, by using a Linux computer or PC running a Linux LiveCD image, to partition, format and write the correct images to the disk. You will have to remove the disk from the MyCloud enclosure to do this.

Are you asking about how to use remote access with your MyCloud?

Are you asking me to help remotely? I cannot do that. I do not work for WD. I am a WD customer.

I am unsure what problem you have. It would help if you answered these questions:

  1. Did you remove the hard disk from the MyCloud enclosure?
  2. Did you connect the removed hard disk to another computer and format it as NTFS?
  3. Why did you do that?

drive plug broke down fell to the ground I drive WD that I have 2 trying to establish the TB NTFS-formatted linux system, but unfortunately I am getting the correct error to the end trying to make as the video disc does not separate the partion Linux do not install the raid system into the new drive.

Do you mean the MyCloud has suffered a high-g impact? If so, the HDD may be damaged beyond repair.

If you mean that the disk still has an NTFS file system on it, you need to replace that with the correct linux file system partitions, and then populate those partitions with the correct information.

Which ‘unbricking’ guide are you using?

I figured these problems and I was able to thank you very much