My Cloud Purchase

I am getting ready to upgrade from a My Book Live 2Tb to a My Cloud 4tb.  I am concerned that I buy one of the more recent drives w/upgrades.  Is there a way to tell that I have one of the newer series (if they exist) and insure I don’t have the first ones produced?

I am hoping to purchase tomorrow to take advantage of a tax-free day in our state, so any suggestions would be appreciated. 


I dunno what you mean when you refer to “one of the more recent drives w/upgrades”… but in terms of the ‘firmware’/software, you don’t need to be concerned, because whatever comes on the drive that you buy, it can VERY easily be upgraded to the latest version.  (And you can even downgrade to older versions if you know how.)

If you are talking about the hardware (i.e., the actual disk drive), then I dunno… I dunno if it even a real concern.