My Cloud PR4100 - Volume 1 is above 95%

I have this WD Nas with 18TB space. I have only filled 880 GB media content and now it says volumen 1 is above 95%…

Model : PR4100
Firmware : 2.31.149

I am not able to find where the data is stored… I did some google and someone asked to disable Time Machine backup as I am not using any mac machines…

I could not find any option to delete this huge hidden file which suspect may be timemachine backup file…

Can someone guide me on how to delete this file? Using SSH etc…

Any path where I can delete this file…

Any support is highly helpful

I was able to solve this my deleting dr.img file from following location

ENable SSH in NAS web interface
Use putty
Open IP Address of WD Nas
Login as root
use command df -h to see the mnt
CD /mnt/… [add your own drive]
type cd ./.systemfile/iscc\si_images
rm -i dr.img

this solved my issue