My Cloud PR4100 new shows 6TB instead of 8TB

As the image below shows (5.51TB) because I already used a bit of the NAS.

  • Shouldn’t it show 7.51 instead?
  • What is the solution if there is?



Hi Sam,

The WD My Cloud PR4100 is setup on RAID 5 by default due to which you get 75% of the capacity as the usable space on the drive. Hence, in the 8TB My Cloud PR4100 device you will get 6TB as the usable space.

To know about the different RAID types that you can setup on the device, you can refer the link given below.

And because you are using a My Cloud PR4100 you may want to see the dedicated subforum for the PR Series where there may be similar discussions as yours. One can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) ti search a subforum.This subforum (My Cloud) tends to deal with the single bay/single drive My Cloud which is different (feature wise) than the PR/multi bay My Cloud series.