My Cloud PR4100 GPL Source Code Version 2.30.165 (4/10/17)

When will the My Cloud PR4100 GPL Source Code Version 2.30.165 (4/10/17) be released? Ideally, the source code should be made available on the same day as the firmware bin file. Otherwise, you risk being in violation of the terms of the GPL license. You have read it right?

And you might want to show a bit more consistency with the download file types on your website. There are zip files, tar.gz files, and files. It’s a veritable compression zoo out there, but the description only mentions gz files.

My Cloud PR4100 GPL Source Code

Release Date: 11/30/2016 (2.21.126), 10/4/2016 (2.21.119), 7/11/2016 (2.21.111), 6/21/2016 (2.20.202)

File Name:

The gz file contains source code for third party copyrighted software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This software may be used in the My Cloud PR4100 product. A copy of the GPL may be found at the following link:

Unfortunately, the information you have requested is not available to us Moderators since we do not have access to WD’s Development/Release roadmaps.