My Cloud PR4100 displaying "System is shutting down" forever

When initiate the ‘Hibernate’ command from web UI for PR4100, the network connection is lost and the LCD always ‘System is shutting down’ for more than 24 hours.

Can someone please help?

Some process keep the device stuck. Happened to me lots of times. I think it was one of the apps.

You must force shutdown the device and reboot it if after such a long time it still didn’t shut down.
Press and hold the power button until it shuts down.

My system is doing the same thing. I had an issue where one drive light was red and powered down the system to reseat all HDD’s. Then I setup a scheduled shut down every Sunday which seems to get stuck. All Apps installed are from the WD App store.

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Please try to identify which app is causing this behavior by iteratively deactivating/uninstalling apps and monitoring the shutdown behavior.

For me it was one or two apps from the WD App Store.

OK, thanks for your reply.

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