My Cloud PR2100 not working

I have no access to my disk for more than 10 days. The problem has already occurred before, I reported it to technical support, but it has not been solved. After each software update, I had to reset the drive (turn the power off and on) to make it work properly. Recently, something has tempted me to do an update to My Cloud OS 5 and I thought that everything will be fine and in the worst case it will help to reboot the device. Unfortunately, turning off the power didn’t help, a quick reboot didn’t help and it didn’t even help to restore the device to factory. The device does not work. I have access via IP, I can ping, I cannot get through SSH. Just, something went wrong. I have all the network infrastructure based on UniFi, so I have control. It’s all in the rack and the rack is connected to the UPS, so it’s neither a matter of power outage nor unstable voltage. I have made a report on this, but what can I do if the helpdesk does not work and postpones the problem.

I have a 403 http error.