My Cloud power is bad,How to manage HDD file?

My Cloud control borad is bad. (I plug into powersupply, Blue Led is not light on).
I guess control board is bad. I test HDD. HDD is good.
How to copy/mange HDD data ? (Coz my pictures in HDD)
Any tool that can help me to explore HDD files ?
Thanks !

@yeh_ray Do you own a 1st or 2nd generation My Cloud? First generation has Firmware 04.xx.xx and Second has 02.xx.xx.

The single bay/single drive My Cloud front LED can sometimes burn out in the Blue color. The device still works its just one doesn’t see a blue front LED, other colors do work.

When you power on the My Cloud cloud you should see other colors briefly from the front LED as it goes through the startup process and scans the drive. Also when powered on one will see LED lights on the back Ethernet port and they should hear the hard drive spinning.

So as a troubleshooting step:
When powering on the My Cloud does the front LED show any other color’s?
Are the back LED’s on the Network port lit up or flashing?
Does the hard drive make any noise when My Cloud powered on?
Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard when unit is powered on?
Does the network router indicate an IP address for the My Cloud when device is powered on?
Can you ping the My Cloud by it’s IP address when it is powered on?
Can you access the My Cloud Shares using Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

If the My Cloud front LED blue color is burned out and the device still works one can change the blue to another color. Several past discussions on how to do so can be found using the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right):

If the main board/motherboard of the My Cloud enclosure has actually died and is no longer functioning one can remove (or shuck) the My Cloud enclosure and extract the internal hard drive. Then one can connect that hard drive, using a USB to SATA adapter or a hard drive docking station or spare SATA port on computer, to a computer running Linux or a computer that has a Linux driver installed. From there one can read the contents of the My Cloud hard drive and extract/copy their data to another hard drive or location. Note the My Cloud hard drive is in Linux format, Windows 10 won’t read the bare hard drive without using a third party linux driver. See the following thread/link for more discussion on this Windows 10 issue:

My cloud is dead. I can use linux to access HDD.Thanks !