My Cloud OS5 Development & Testing

If you ignore the problems in OS/5. . .

. . .it is very logical to want to move the entire user base to the new platform

  • Easier to support one OS version.
  • Difficult ($$$) to run two app versions and two different server systems.

If you assign different names to each machine they will appear in the title of the open web page when accessing the web dashboard (if that is what you wanted) :slight_smile:

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The correct link is:

Well there is is. Thank you. I missed that small tiny writing in the browser tab. It’s almost unnoticeable. LOL.

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The My Cloud OS 5 app just showed up ( today) on my iPhone
version 4,13,0

Actually, WD has claimed to fix hard disk sleep issue in 3 consecutive firmware release notes

This stops indexing I understand, how does this help with WD’s issue of continuous logging? Also, I’ve already disabled indexing in settings, does killing restsdk-server add anything in this scenario? Thanks for your help.

I do remember a few years ago when WD renamed Shutdown to Hibernate

on most devices the default to shutdown is stay off tell a button is pushed.
(not all WD nas systems seem to have button) – other than a paper clip in the hole button)

Hibernate to me means ( wake up on power restore or wake on internet activity)
or on a computer if I move the mouse.

the sequence of event for Hibernate are most welcome to read

I won’t really care if engineering team is Chinese or any other nationality as long as product quality is solid, which is not the case here. It looks like WD worked with high school students learning coding to create OS5 and marketing folks substituted for QA.

I am surprised you haven’t been banned yet, you’ve gone beyond pointing out obvious bugs to outright exposing them now.

@WDStaff Could you do something about this? It’s a bit odd innit?

These Chinese are Traditional Chinese. They are used in Taiwan and Hongkong. In China, using Simplified Chinese. Taiwan doesn’t belong to China, Hongkong was a Special Administrative Region. So these two areas are using different Chinese.
According to the choice of the words, it’s more likely by Taiwanese.

I agree with your concern when the codes come from China.
I can not say, it is safe when it comes from Taiwan or Hongkong, but the risk must be much lower. (It’s quite complicated to explain the difference.)

left Traditional Chinese / right Simplified Chinese
/ 略
面找得到 / 面找得到
參數的一部分 / 参数的一部分
參數值的始位置 / 参数值的始位置
取得參數結束位置 / 取得参数结束位置

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Probably outside the original project specification. :slight_smile:

Edumacate me: Is this supposed to be open-source firmware?
Do you need open-source to develop apps?

I honestly don’t know the answer. Frankly, I would not have expected it to be any more than I expect an iPhone to have open-source firmware (even if I can write apps for it)

Not sure I agree with the term “dead”.
I mean. . . .we are getting new firmware versions once or twice per month.

Dead would be the MyPassport Wireless (a favorite WD product); which has not seen a firmware update since mid 2018.

Now, if you replace the word “dead” with “failed”. . . .

I don’t think you actually have to release source code to have a successful product that had popular support. Think about Apple. I would not consider that to be an “open” platform :slight_smile:

I agree that OS/5 has potential.
I was quite excited about it.
It does address a number of OS/3 issues.

Having said that. . . . to be successful there has to be recognition and a path to resolve the issues with this software. The examples of non-addressed issues is staggering. . . .and few get responses deeper than “Send us a log”; or a partially irrelevant link to a KB article.

The worst part is they never respond after getting a log, it’s an illusion for others to think someone is looking into this, I’ve shared the log myself and that’s the last I heard from them.

Half the time the KB article says feature ABC has been removed in OS5 :slight_smile:

Hi dswv42,
first of all thank you for all research you’ve done. It was extremely interesting reading and I’m looking forward to see results of your work! Wish I could help with it, though my skillset is probably slightly unaligned with the task. But if you need any help with HTML/JS and such stuff - please fill free to reach me. Will try to help.

That said, so far OS/5 is almost satisfies my needs (pretty basic, I suppose). So far I was able to put entware on it, migrate my content (1000s of family photos) and make it available on my wife’s phone.

Now, looking on slightly more sophisticated things like SAMBA shares backups and home automation I started to understand your frustration. Particularly, persistently adding my tasks to crontab looks like almost impossible feature. I walked through a couple topic here (all from OS/3 era) - mostly about config.xml editing, syncing are rebooting from cmd, but it seems something was changed in OS/5 and this doesn’t work anymore. Unless I’m messing thinks up, but oddly enough I was able to edit passwd to be defaulted to bash in the same folder with no issue…

This is probably offtopic conversation here, but I wonder if you may know a way to handle that for OS/5 or point to a correct topic?

just found this snippet in one of your comments above comment:

But cannot trace it down. Does it mean it is somehow possible to comment that out to stop crontab from being recreated, or did I misunderstood?

Got it.

Basically what I’m trying to do right now is old plain dirty hack.


if test -f "/usr/sbin/random_chk_central_old"; then
   echo "Already fixed."
    echo "Fixing."
    mv /usr/sbin/random_chk_central /usr/sbin/random_chk_central_old
    cp /mnt/HD/HD_a2/custom/random_chk_central /usr/sbin/
    /usr/sbin/random_chk_central -s
    echo "Done."



/usr/sbin/random_chk_central_old $@

echo "0 1 * * * /mnt/HD/HD_a2/custom/ &" >> /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root

Now just want to plug to one of Apps’ script.

Perversion, I know, but hopefully will work.

Seems like not so simple…
Above scripts being put in or work half way: renaming/copying is done.
But custom entries do not appear in crontab -l.
So what’s happening, I suppose - there are other ways of recreating /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root.
I can see it happens when, for example, I add or delete Internal Backup job.
Any thoughts of how one can try to trace such ways?

Edit: 't was caused by internal_backup recreating crontab on its start. After uninstalling it - now entries are added to crontab as expected.

At what point do you just give up and get a synology unit? :wink:

Looks like you are right. After uninstalling internal_backup editing config.xml starts to be persistent.

Just did, pulled the lever on a DS1821 while PR4100 will be re-tasked as a data backup. Which is unfortunate since I brought the PR4100 less than a year back.