My Cloud OS3 Vulnerabilities App

Is there any interest in an app to patch certain critical My Cloud OS3 vulnerabilities and/or other issues? The basic idea is to extend the life of My Cloud OS3 and make it a bit less prone to hacking, while providing easy installation via the dashboard, without the need to mess with boot scripts, etc.

To be absolutely clear, it would not make My Cloud OS3 completely secure, because it uses an old Linux kernel and packages, each with their own known vulnerabilities and/or other issues.

Hi @dswv42,

Our investigation of this incident has not uncovered any evidence that Western Digital cloud services, firmware update servers, or customer credentials were compromised. As the My Book Live devices can be directly exposed to the internet through port forwarding, the attackers may be able to discover vulnerable devices through port scanning. The vulnerabilities being exploited in this attack are limited to the My Book Live series, which was introduced to the market in 2010 and received a final firmware update in 2015. These vulnerabilities do not affect our current My Cloud product family.