My Cloud OS3 September 2018 Security Hotfix Firmware

Does new vulnerability (CVE-2018-17153) hit EX2 as well and will WD issue patch for EX2?
Or may I use the patch dedicated for EX2 Ultra?

This is confusing. This clearly states the EX2 is affected…

Yet no hot fix is listed for that model here…

Came here with the same question. Where is the hotfix for EX2?

It’s there now. They must have updated the page. EX2 is the second one down in the list.


I rechecked the document and now it says firmware 2.11.178 contains the hotfix. FYI When running the check for new firmware in 2.11.176 it says that no new firmware is available.

Yep, that’s because (as it says on the page) you have to do a manual update. Basically they have released this hot fix as an interim firmware update to solve the issue that hit the news.


Auto-updated on 9/27.

New Release - My Cloud Firmware Versions 2.31.149 (10/19/18)