My Cloud OS 5 UPDATE

  • what is the procedure to reconnect your iPad to the WD mycloud using the newer app please.

Previously using WD My cloud app 4.4.25 - updated to my cloud os 5.

  • app my cloud 0s 5 asking to sign into my cloud, kind of lost.

Just wishing to reconnect an old iPhone, an a iPad - how to proceed ideas welcome.

iPhone stuck in 10.3 thats wd app 4.4.25 - iPad current IOS as of 2021 - using WD OS 5 and asking for sign into cloud account, why, do not know. Aims to re connect to My cloud

Select the device that you want to connect to iPad and click Add To My Account. Once select a device, it will ask what kind of backup you would like to perform for the selected device. Or, Wi-Fi & Cellular data. Select either of the two options and click OK.

Thank you Molloy,

For the reply, a very nice man at WD on line helped me.
So managed to get all to work, except for pre IOS 11 devices.

I used the WD OS5 app on a iPad connected all worked.
Interface was not an update more a list of folders in a browser.
Could not play Pic in Pic mode as an example.
A tad disappointing.

I could see a list of thumb previews to identify the images this is very helpful.
OS 3 Before really all I could see was a jpeg.

I decided to un tick the connect to cloud when logged in.
I then returned to the iPad and to my surprise all the thumb nails had gone.

Had a think and thought this gives me the impression all my thumb nails are listed and held on WD server in the cloud.

Obviously this raised some concerns so I have ditched the app and no longer using the device until I feel more secure.