My Cloud OS 5 Firmware Release Note v5.02.134




  • My Cloud EX2 Ultra
  • My Cloud EX4100
  • My Cloud PR2100
  • My Cloud PR4100
  • My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2)


  • Please backup your content before updating your device to the My Cloud OS 5
  • This is a one-way update. Users will not be able to roll back to My Cloud OS 3 from My Cloud OS 5
  • The device must be on the 2.41.106 firmware to update to My Cloud OS 5
  • After updating to My Cloud OS 5, firmware 5.02.134
    • User will need to create a new My Cloud OS 5 account from the web configuration dashboard as the My Cloud OS 3 account will not be compatible
    • The My Cloud OS 3 mobile app will not work with the My Cloud OS 5 firmware (5.00.xx). Please install the new My Cloud OS 5 mobile app
    • The My Cloud OS 3 web app will not work with the My Cloud OS 5 firmware (5.00xx). Please use
    • Apps will need to be re-installed apps after updating to My Cloud OS 5. Certain apps may need to be reconfigured


My Cloud OS 5 is a major update to the My Cloud operating system

  • Updated Linux kernel to 4.14.22

  • Upgraded operating system based on Debian 10(“Buster”)

    • Updated Samba to version 4.9.5+dfsg-5+deb10u1
    • Updated Apache to version 2.4.38-3+deb10u3
    • Updated PHP to version to 7.3.19-1~deb10u1
    • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.1.1d-0+deb10u3
    • Updated Openssh to version 7.9p1-10
    • Updated glibc to version 2.28-10
    • Updated MariaDB to version 10.3_10.3.22-0+deb10u1
    • Updated rsync to version 3.1.3-6
    • Updated various other GPL packages to newer versions based on Debian 10 (“Buster”)
  • Various security improvements

  • Improved cloud access security and reliability

  • Supports new My Cloud OS 5 mobile app (iOS & Android), and web app at

    • Improved auto backup (mobile only)
    • Improved photo browse view
    • Added HEIC file support
    • Added custom photo album support
    • Improved content sharing capability
    • Improved search
  • Added ability to a turn on/off Web and Mobile app access by network share from Web configuration dashboard

  • Enabled TimeMachine Backup via Samba to improve reliability

  • Resolved issue with device not automatically discoverable from Windows 10 Network browser

  • Updated Apps support

    • Various Backups, Twonky DLNA media server and iTunes server features moved to become user installable apps
    • Updated Twonky to 8.5.1
    • Updated iTunes server to use forked-daapd-27.1
    • Updated ClamAV to version 0.101.4
    • Updated Wordpress to version 5.3.2
    • Updated Transmission to version 2.94
    • Updated Joomla to version 3.9.15
    • Updated phpBB to version 3.3.0
    • Updated phpMyAdmin to 5.0.2
    • Resolved Dropbox sync issues
    • Updated 3rd party apps such as Plex Media Sever, GoodSync, ElephantDrive, VirtualHere, TV/Media drivers
  • Improved RAID rebuild speed

  • Various minor bug fixes

Feature changes:

  • The following features or functions are deprecated and will not be supported in My Cloud OS 5
    • WebDAV
    • Remote dashboard access
    • Mobile app support for OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox
  • The following apps are deprecated and will not be supported in My Cloud OS 5
    • abFiles
    • aMule
    • FortressSecure
    • IceCast
    • Squeeze Center
    • Webfile viewer
    • Http downloads
    • Z-Wave
  • The following WD software will no longer work in My Cloud OS 5
    • WD Access (EOL in 2018)
    • WD Quick View (EOL 2019)
    • My Cloud Desktop app (EOL 2017)
    • WD Sync (EOL 2019)
    • WD Smartware/WD Smartware Pro

Known Issues /Limitations

  • After migration to My Cloud OS 5, all of the content on the drive will need to be re-indexed and may take some time to finish depending on the size of your content.
  • Web App uploads are limited to 5GB
  • Mobile and Web App will require internet connection
  • File management is limited to with the same device share
  • Photos are sorted by date created in Files and Folder view in Mobile and Web App
  • Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 955Q USB TV tuner is not compatible with My Cloud Mirror G2

Link to Release Note